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18 October 2011

Upper School Theatre IV

In the second semester of their senior year, Theatre IV students at Trinity may choose to direct a one-act play. In the 2010-2011 academic year Diedre J. Banton ’11, Maxwell DeLott ’11, Gordon Penn Reed ’11, and Peter Elman Ronson ’11 decided to take on this challenge. Diedre and Gordon opted to direct plays that they had written, while Max and Peter decided to direct works written by others. Drama and English Teacher Michael Gilbert teaches the Theatre IV course, although the students are entirely responsible for casting the plays, rehearsing them, and getting them ready for two nights of performances.

This short documentary follows the students from the first day of class to the final night of performance. It provides a unique opportunity to watch the students as they meet and overcome numerous challenges as directors and as actors. The documentary runs a total of seventeen minutes and is divided into two parts.

This program contains strong language and adult themes. Viewer discretion is advised.

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