Notes by Jane Mallison


Jane Mallison


Teacher of English, Middle and Upper School


BA East Tennessee State; MA Duke University; ABD University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Years at Trinity


Jane Mallison is Retiring

Jane Mallison is Retiring

Jane is retiring at the end of the 2011-2012 academic year after over four decades at Trinity. She writes:
"When Mick Jagger and I started our respective careers back in the ‘60s, I assumed our professional paths would run parallel for some time but that Mick would retire before I did. After all, moving around under bright lights like a rooster on acid (Richard Belzer’s phrase) is more taxing than dealing with a room full of seventh graders, if only by a little. Imagine my surprise then that I’ve decided to retire in June while Mick and the lads are still going full tilt.
"I came to Trinity in the fall of 1970 when the students were all male as were nearly all the teachers above fifth grade. We were three females that year (me in English, Chris Heyworth in history, Andrea Agrell in French), three women not allowed to use either of the restrooms in the faculty lounge. But I loved the teaching, loved the students--and that love has persisted for forty-two years. (Since I’ve taught between 2,000 and 2,500 students here, it’s remarkable that I can cite only three who were unalloyed non-pleasures.)

"And while we’re doing the math, I’ll note that I’ve served under seven heads of school, eight Upper School principals, and eight Middle School principals; I’ve learned something valuable from working with each of them. I’ll leave Trinity with bittersweet feelings but with deep gratitude for a career I love. There’s a rumor that there’s life beyond the professional arena, and, it’s okay, Mick, I’ll be waiting for you. Meanwhile, I look forward to a fine second semester."

We would like to thank Jane for her extraordinary contributions to the School.