Notes by Lindsay Lauder


Lindsay Lauder


Teacher of Visual Arts, Grades Seven and Eight


BA University of Montana; MPS Pratt Institute

Years at Trinity

2008-2009, 2011-2013

Lindsay Lauder is a New Teacher of Visual Arts

Lindsay Lauder is a New Teacher of Visual Arts

During 2008-2009, Lindsay Lauder was hired as Trinity’s Artist-in-Residence. In celebration of our 300th anniversary, Lindsay created the large mosaic at the end of the long hall, which includes creative input by our students. Additional mosaics can also be seen as you ascend the stairs in the Lower School, and also above the Upper School bulletin board. With her education and experience in art therapy and education, she uses her therapeutic and artistic skills with both children and adults to help them gain insight, increase self-esteem and to become more resilient, productive, and valued community members. If you’re looking for something different to do on New Year’s Day, go to Brighton Beach where Lindsay and her clan from the Polar Bear Club take a dip in the ocean.