Notes by Mary Corbelli


Mary Corbelli


Learning Specialist, Middle and Upper School Learning Support Coordinator


BA, MA Boston College; MS Touro College

Years at Trinity


Mary Ferrante is a New Upper School Science Teacher

Mary Ferrante is a New Upper School Science Teacher

Since 2002, Mary has been teaching upper school science in the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District in Bellmore, New York, with a focus on biology and psychology. During her tenure, she developed a genetics curriculum, and taught anatomy and physiology as well as an introductory course in research. Mary has been teaching Advanced Placement courses for nine years. She has been published in Computers and Composition and The American Journal of Cardiology. She has also played an active role in her school and community as a student government advisor, organizing many school-wide and community events. Mary is a lifelong learner who has continued her education through the completion of two master’s degrees, as well as subsequent course work. Her recent studies have included a class on Google applications, an Advanced Placement biology workshop and a chemistry modeling workshop. She is excited to share her experiences with the students at Trinity School.