Phillip Yoon

Middle Grades Teaching Fellow, Math

BA Johns Hopkins University


Phillip comes to Trinity from Johns Hopkins University, where he earned a BA in mathematics and philosophy. At Johns Hopkins, he worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant for several undergraduate math courses and discovered that he loves teaching math and helping students succeed in their classes. Phillip also volunteered as a mentor for Science Olympiad at a middle school in Baltimore, where he mentored students working on the solar system and dynamic planets event categories. Before gravitating towards the beauty of mathematics and philosophy, he was intrigued by the vastness of the universe and studied astronomy rigorously. In 2016, Phillip earned an honorable mention as a US representative at the International Olympiad on Astrophysics and Astronomy. Phillip is passionate about making math interesting, relevant, and fun for young students and helping them understand math at a deeper level. When Phillip is not thinking about how to make math fun, he enjoys traveling, taking walks or runs, hiking, cycling, skiing, playing video games, writing essays, and trying new cuisines. Phillip lived in Korea as a child and speaks Korean and Japanese. He is pursuing an MS in education from the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education and is thrilled to join Trinity’s Math Department.