Notes by Sheila Rankowitz


Sheila Rankowitz


Visual Arts Teacher


BA Dartmouth College; MBA Harvard Business School

Years at Trinity

2002-2010, 2013-present

Sheila Rankowitz is a New Art Teacher in the Middle School

Sheila Rankowitz is a New Art Teacher in the Middle School

Sheila returns to the Middle School faculty in a new capacity this year. Since 2002, she has been a member of the Middle School math team. Even after "retiring" in 2010, she could not stay away and returned twice to do two maternity leaves. During the last three years, while she took a break from being full-time at Trinity, Sheila taught studio art to first through eighth graders at a school in Paterson, New Jersey. An avid lover and creator of art since her childhood, she relishes the opportunity to bring her passion and creative energy to Middle school art classes. She looks forward to getting her hands dirty in the art room and exposing her classes to new artists and artworks. She will also join the Middle School musical team once again to create the costumes for the fourteenth time in her career.

Sheila Rankowitz is Leaving Trinity

Sheila Rankowitz is Leaving Trinity

Sheila has decided to leave Trinity at the end of the school year in order to pursue other interests.